1. Where We've Been
  2. Where We're Headed
  3. Where We Are Now

At a Good Friday service in Cameroon in 1980, Leonard began to read the story of Jesus' crucifixion. In the past, this had always been done in French, but this year, the minister asked him to read a portion of John which had recently been translated into the local language of Yambetta. As he read, he noticed some of the women in the room began to weep.

Afterward, they asked him, "Where did you find this story? We had no idea someone loved us so much that he was willing to suffer and die like that!"

Thai Woman with a Bible in her lap

Leonard pulled out his French Bible and showed them where the story was. "We read this story every year," he told them. But the women insisted they had never heard it before. This motivated Leonard to continue the work translating the entire New Testament into Yambetta—a language the people could clearly understand.

Today, there are more than 250 million people who don’t have access to any verse of Scripture in a language that speaks to their hearts. This is why we are serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Where We've Been

We’ve recently completed several weeks of orientation and field preparation. Typically, the final two weeks of this training is done on-site in Orlando. But due to COVID, we completed this part of the training virtually. To make this work, we traveled to Maryland for two weeks to stay with Harold’s sister and brother-in-law, Faith and Dwayne. They graciously cared for our littles while we attended the sessions via Zoom.

Picture of Dwayne reading to Andrew, A'zalea, and the cousins Dwayne reading to Andrew, A'zalea, and the cousins

Where We're Headed

Right now, there aren’t enough Bible translation consultants to review more than 2700 active projects. Because there are so few consultants, there are Bibles that are just sitting, waiting to be reviewed before they can be published and used.

The consultant has the vital role of reviewing the translation with the translators going verse-by-verse and checking the wording to make sure that it is clear, accurate, and natural.

This fall, Harold will begin a training program to become a translation consultant. Once our Wycliffe ministry is fully funded, we will move overseas where Harold will continue the second part of the training—serving as an apprentice to an experienced consultant.

Picture of an open Bible

Where We Are Now

We are praising God that we are already at 19% of our required monthly budget!

We can’t do this ministry alone, and we wouldn’t want to. Translation takes a team and we invite you to partner with us in our Wycliffe ministry.

Invest in Bible Translation

How to Pray

  • Pray for those who are still waiting for a Bible in a language they clearly understand.
  • Pray for creativity in connecting with people and churches during COVID.
  • Pray our children would come to know and love Jesus and have the courage to obey Him.

We are so grateful for you—for your prayers, your care and interest in our lives, your financial support, and your vision for the nations that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord’s glory as the waters cover the sea.

You are having an impact on Bible translation.

Thank you for your partnership. Harold, Justine, A’zalea, & Andrew